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Name:Helen Magnus
Birthdate:Aug 27
Name : Helen Magnus.
Date Of Birth : August 27, 1850.
Place Of Birth : London, England.

Helen Magnus was born on August 27, 1850[1] to Gregory Magnus (Jim Byrnes) and Patricia Heathering.[2] Her father was regarded as a controversial medical researcher of his time, and exposed his daughter to his profession when she was a child.[3] Years later, she helped form a secret group known as "the Five", along with John Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl), Nikola Tesla (Jonathon Young), James Watson (Peter Wingfield) and Nigel Griffin (Vincent Gale) at Oxford University. Each member voluntarily injected themselves with pure vampire blood, a species that had become extinct centuries before. This granted each member unique abilities. Magnus' ability was longevity, allowing her to live several times longer than any normal human.[4] At this point she entered a relationship with Druitt, whose ability is personal teleportation. However, he became insane and murdered several prostitutes, thereby becoming Jack the Ripper. They did conceive a child, Magnus later took the embryo and froze it.[5]

By the turn of the 20th century, her research with the abnormal population went into full swing, and she founded the Sanctuary Network. To get the funding she needed, the Prime Minister reunited the Five to stop and kill Adam Worth who was turned down as a sixth member and blamed the Five for the death of his daughter, from releasing a toxin in London. In the season two episode "Next Tuesday", Magnus states she was a passanger on the RMS Titanic in 1912. In July 1944, she worked with the French Resistance in Normandy to prevent the Nazis from controlling a fire elemental before D-Day. She then charged the head Sanctuary in Old City, a fictional city in the Pacific Northwest,[9] during which she decided to use the embryo to bear her daughter, Ashley. On one of her expeditions, she saved a young Will Zimmerman from a dangerous abnormal, but failed to capture it before it killed his mother.

(Bio taken from Wikipedia)

(Both mun & muse are over 18. Helen Magnus & Sanctuary belong to Damian Kindler & Amanda Tapping belongs to no one but herself.)
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